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Personal Data Tracking

Our phones track our location and habits. Our watches measure our heart rates and how many steps we take. Do we know what happens to that data? How do we measure issues of privacy versus issues of public health and safety? What are thing maybe we would want to track but don’t? And how do we represent that data in meaningful (and even creative) ways?


  • Understand data tracking and privacy
  • Think critically about representation and visualization of data
  • Understand your own limits and data tracking habits

Suggested Readings:

Suggested Tasks

  • Track Yourself! Choose one thing to track of the course of a week and then find ways to visualize the data in a meaningful way (see Dear Data Project or Dear (My) Data)
  • Tracking Inventory: Inventory all the apps and sites that track your data and where that data goes
  • Visualize all your data that is collected
  • Learn about limiting data tracking online


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