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NetProv stand for Internet Improvisation. But what does it mean? According to groundbreaking NetProv group Meanwhile…NetProv Studio, it is:

…networked, improvised storytelling in available media…[It] creates stories that are networked, collaborative and improvised in real time.

You can read more of their definitions here, but NetProv is a kind of opportunity for spontaneous, improvisational, transmedia storytelling that takes place in real time, on a loosely defined topic or theme, with a clear beginning and end.


  • Learn about the genre of NetProv
  • Investigate the stylistic elements
  • Interrogate the ethics of such public play
  • Create and/or participate in a NetProv


Suggested Tasks:

  • Read and critique existing Netpov archives.
  • Participate in upcoming Netprov (link to come).
  • Create your own NetProv event.


Slack Channel: netprov

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