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Working for the Web

We use our phones and our devices for social media purposes, but do we ever think about the work that goes into producing our hardware, coding our software, or supporting the networks that make this all possible? From the mines where the metals are retrieved, to the factories that put the phones together, to all of the likes and shares we do each day, do we know how much of our labor goes into our social media and who does it?

It is often said that on the web, if you’re not paying for it, you are the product. Why is Facebook free? How is Facebook encouraging us to use their platform in ways that support their business model?


  • Learn about invisible labor issues around technology, particularly around race and gender
  • Share an awareness to others

Suggested Readings:

Suggested Tasks:

  • Simplified Map My Device
  • I Work for The Web activity
  • Track Your Work on Social Media


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