Digital Studies 101

A common resource for Digital Studies at UMW.

Methodology Modules

In DGST 101, a “module” is a set of content and tasks that students work on for a period of about two weeks. These modules are organized around digital culture, creativity, and methodologies, and for each, the goal is for students to guide their own learning as they explore the topic or tools. On this page, all “methodology” modules are listed below.

For each module, the title or “more information” button will take you to the longer description of that module, and the green “” button will take students into the Slack channel set up for that module.


How we are (or are not) connected.

More Information networks



“By mapping real and imagined places, scholars can better argue and represent the significance of space and place in human experience and social structures.”

More Information mapping


Digital Journalism

It’s a complex world and we need complex tools to make sense of it. In this module, your team will identify a topic or pose a question, investigate that question, and tell the story you discover using a confluence of modalities and digital tools.

More Information journalism


Image Visualization

What if you could see all the things, all at once?

More Information visualization


Text Analysis

Technology and digitization has changed how we can read and interact with texts. Learn how.

More Information text-analysis


Methodology Modules

In DGST 101, a “module” is a set of content and tasks that s…